Golf as a Hobby

Golf is a great recreational sport that can be played by all ages.  While many do not think of golf as being a recreational sport, it absolutely fits the bill almost all golfers (with the exception of professionals) have other occupations or are retirees.

Many people link playing golf recreationally to older people, mainly retirees.  While golf certainly is popular among retirees, and that opinion is valid (many people of retiremenet age relocate to a warmer place and pick up golf on a more regular basis), there is something for everybody in the world of recreational golf.

Golf can be a great addition to a vacation, or a vacation can even be made for the sole purpose of golfing.  It is not unheard of for a company outing, a family reunion, or even a bachelor party to take place at (or at least begin at) the golf course.  The game can be made more fun for everyone by adding different competitive elements to the game, such as a “best ball” format, or giving prizes for the longest drive, longest putt, closest to the pin, and other feats.

For youngsters, while it is never too early to begin learning the mechanics of full golf, there is always miniature golf.  Mini-golf is a miniature sized version of the game of golf that is played entirely with a putter, with 18 different putting greens of various shapes and length that often contain obstacles such as rocks or waterfalls or other elements.

While golf is often thought of as a sport for those with a little money in their pockets, that is not necessarily true.  While the top courses typically do have high greens’ fees, there are many local courses that are very affordable.  And while golf clubs can cost a fortune for top of the line equipment, there are also more cost-efficient brands and many second-hand golf outlets where used clubs can be purchased at a more affordable price.

Young or old, rich or not, there is something for everybody to enjoy in the game of golf and makes a great hobby.

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